Friday, June 04, 2004

"Snake Lady" obsession

Was on the "Bullets and Babes" website last night. One of the Ladies featured is "Snake Lady" (presumably because of the snake tattoos all over her body). Anyway, I'm usually not partial to BBW's (which this lady is) however there is something about her demeanor in these pic's. A combination of seductive, stern, outgoing, deadly and dare I say...Maternal?! The pic's themselves is standard "Gunsarge" stuff, however there is something about the Snake Lady. One set where she is cradling her victim in her ample bosom with one are while pressing an automatic against his head with the other hand. Just plain electric.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Partial to chrome

I believe Mrs.Peel is the one who whipped this on me. During puberty back in the mid-60's I used to watch the Avengers on ABC TV. Watching Diana Rigg brandish a chrome revolver with a pearl handle attached itself to my psyche like lint to felt. Ever since the idea of a woman with a chrome plated pearl handled revolver has been my kryptonite. I'd happily do almost anything she wanted as long as she played with it in my presence.

Over the years I've come to enjoy watching almost any type of firearm in a woman's hands. I've also grafted other fetishes onto this Gungirl one (ie: high heels, smoking, slutty appeareance, etc.) However it always comes back to the chrome revolver in her hand.

Welcome to Girls with Guns

I'm based in Chicago and have a weakness for women with guns. So am I alone? Thoughts, comments, ideas or propositions are always welcome.